Cross-check data in crop output in order to avoid discrepancies

January 16, 2021 Business
With government agencies giving varying crop creation estimates, Agriculture Minister Muhammad Abdur Razzaque yesterday said it was necessary to cross check whether accurate data was from the field degree of the Department of Agricultural Expansion (DAE).

"You will find a discrepancy in crop production info between your BBS (Bangladesh Bureau of Figures) and DAE," Razzaque told a good workshop at Bangladesh Rice Study Institute (BRRI), according to a press release.

He shared these opinions at a time when the DAE estimates found on crop production stand higher than that created by the BBS - a mismatch that affects proper decision making.

For instance, the DAE estimated that Boro rice creation would be 2 crore tonnes in fiscal 2019-20 as the BBS estimated it to be 1.96 crore tonnes.

Meanwhile for maize development, the calculations were 54 lakh tonnes and 40 lakh tonnes respectively.

Razzaque asked the agriculture ministry and different companies to cross check crop development data, in line with the statement.

He said Bangladesh is becoming self-sufficient in food creation because of increased cultivation of improved kinds produced by the BRRI scientists.

However, the main challenge for ensuring food security is maintaining a balance with population development, he explained, citing that the populace grew simply by 22 lakh to 23 lakh persons each year.

However, available farmland is declining for various reasons, Razzaque added.

"We will need to introduce extra improved kinds and introduce technology so that you can double productivity by 2030," he said.

The BRRI has up to now developed 105 high yield varieties and 250 agricultural technologies to increase rice production, said BRRI Director Standard Md Shahjahan Kabir.

The state research agency also produced 12 saline, three drought and four submergence tolerant rice varieties.

Razzaque suggested acquiring the very best performing varieties at farmers' doorsteps in order that they come to accept the varieties and begin cultivating those.

Source: Thedaily Star

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