Cardiac arrest Bangladesh’s No 1 killer in 2020

March 11, 2021 Bangladesh
Cardiac arrest was the main killer in Bangladesh in 2020, claiming the lives of 180,408 people, which is 21.1 percent of the country’s total 8,54,253 deaths through the year.

Statistics and Informatics Division Secretary Mohammad Yamin Chowdhury revealed the data in a press conference at BBS Bhaban here on Wednesday afternoon.

In 2019, some 147,259 persons died of cardiac arrests, that was 17.9 percent of the full total 822,841 deaths in the united states, he said.

Bedsides, 8,248 persons died of Covid-19 in 2020, said Yamin Chowdhury.

In line with the BBS data, stroke claimed 85,360 lives, the next highest, while respiratory diseases killed 73,839 people, the 3rd highest, through the period.

Besides, 43,204 persons died of heart diseases, 34,694 of pneumonia, 29,850 of liver cancer, 28,017 of kidney diseases, 27,755 of high blood pressure, 25,006 of diabetes, 13,092 of paralysis, 12,306 in road accidents, 10,997 of jaundice, 10,474 in incidents of drowning, 10,212 of liver cirrhosis, and 11,259 persons killed themselves.

Apart from the major causes, dengue claimed 786 lives in 2020, that was 2,360 in 2019.

In 2020, 1,833 people were murdered, while lightning claimed 393 lives.
Source: Observerbd - Bangladesh

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