Bab Al Nojoum resort opens overwater villas on Hudayriyat Island

Bab Al Nojoum resort opens overwater villas on Hudayriyat Island
Bab Al Nojoum, known for its luxurious campground on Abu Dhabi's Hudayriyat Island, is now looking to attract beach babies and island hunters.

Though it is merely 10 minutes from downtown Abu Dhabi, one step on the new wooden deck and I feel instantly transported to a tranquil tropical island, overwater villas and all.

The property has added 31 premium units, 17 of which are on the beach, while the rest are over the water. All are connected via the snaking deck that protrudes beyond the shore.

Standing here, you won't see a bustling city skyline as the shore faces two other private islands, further adding to the illusion of a beach getaway. Guests can choose between one or two-bedroom beachfront units. These come with private swimming pools, cabanas and sunbeds. Some units are connected via doors in the pool area, ideal for big groups and families.

Those looking for a more Maldivian-inspired affair can opt for the overwater villas that sit above Hudayriyat's tranquil waters. The duplexes come with terraces, private pools, sunbeds and a dining table.

Most of the overwater villas are studios, while two come with two bedrooms.

The expansion also includes a new restaurant, La Cocina, which serves European-inspired cuisine. There is a wood-fired oven and grills for meat.

While there is an extensive a la carte menu, guests can also opt for a community dining meal that is usually served at sunset.
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